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Atherton Hough School Built originally as a four room school house in 1911, there have been many renovations made to the school that is now the only school in Houghs Neck. $15.00 Great Hill School This school opened in September of 1956 at the end of Sea Street. It had seven classrooms (kindergarten through sixth grade), a dome shaped gymnasium/auditorium that later included a library. The school was torn down in 1980. $15.00 Houghs Neck Fire Station The original Fire Station located at Manet Avenue and Sea Street was constructed in 1905 and was manned with a horse-drawn carriage. In 1947 our present building was built at the same site and was renovated in 2000. Currently Engine Company No. 6 is housed here. $15.00 Most Blessed Sacrament Church This granite Gothic-style church was dedicated on July 14, 1918. In July of 1965 a fire destroyed the interior of the church. When rebuilt, an addition to the sacristy, and other minor changes were made to enhance the building we see today. $15.00 HN Congregational Church The Cornerstone of this building was laid on November 8, 1921. Volunteers from the church aided in its construction and a dedication was held on December 29, 1940. Since then many more additions and improvements have been made to create the structure we see today. $15.00 Quincy Yacht Club One of the longest continuously operated Yacht Clubs on the East Coast, the Quincy Yacht Club was organized on July 30, 1874. Known for it?s wraparound veranda, members enjoy the cool breezes on those hot summer nights. $15.00
Wood Replicas
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